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Translation into French - Proof-Reading French and Spanish

French and Spanish Proof-Reading

  • In French; one cannot seriously rely on electronic spelling checker to correct or elevate a document to Professional standards. You need a professional spelling check.
  • I use track changes to correct your document, so you can follow your text modifications. You will receive a first version showing all the changes or deletions. You give your opinion about your document amendments and modifications.
  • Your final copy always gives an excellent opinion about your French competence.
  • I correct in a French document:  The appropriate use of capital letters, the genders, agreement between nouns, articles, adjectives and past-participles, verbs tense concordance, spelling errors, the proper use of the accents and tréma, apostrophe, the punctuation and quotation marks. Cutting or lengthening your text, as required. I edit and format your text, deliver the combination of what is requested in the best French, using French Literary standards.
  • I will deliver your work at the mutually agreed time.

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Translation into French: English into French, Spanish into French



Proof-reading service: French and Spanish, for students’work or professional documents


Resume in French

Written support for business or special public speaking in French

Business trip arrangements to France

Holiday planning to French or Spanish speaking countries

Moving programme to French or Spanish speaking countries

Customer Service

I work directly with my client and with time establish a mutual trust relationship.

You can call me to discuss exactly how I can assist you with your language project.

I provide an estimated quote.

I deliver the work at the mutually agreed time.

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Or call on: 07986 697412